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Permits and Inspections

Why are Building Permits Important?

In some areas, it is common for people to claim that the only point of building permits is to make the local municipalities money. While some types of permits may fit this description in certain locales, they are actually the exceptions. The actual point of permitting is to ensure safety in new builds, renovations, additions, and certain repairs.


This safety factor shouldn't be obvious if you deal with a highly-qualified custom home builder. That's because such a builder will naturally want to do things in a safe way that meets all building codes. Therefore, it can be a bit frustrating when your new construction is held up by the need to get permits and have inspectors come out for every regulated stage of the construction process – which is pretty much every stage. It can seem like the only thing you don't need a city or county permit for is painting the walls!


Despite this, it is very important for building permits and inspections to be properly obtained. That's because not everyone hires a custom home builder to do their construction and renovation work. Instead, some people attempt to do it themselves, with varying results, or try to get someone to do work for too low of a price. In either case, "code" often becomes something that is given short shrift, and safety suffers accordingly. Then, the need for a building permit and inspection may be what keeps the house next door from burning down and sending sparks over to yours! Therefore, it's worth it to deal with the bureaucracy even if you see no obvious need for it on your own, custom home builder led, project. Consider it to be a form of insurance that keeps everyone safer. If you are looking for a safe contractor and home remodeler in Center Moriches, NY, call us to get more information. 

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